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Everything from small clean-up work through to the major valet, we cover it all!

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How much would a normal valet cost?

The cost of the valet depends upon the number of trades we employ for the project and the various tasks involved up to the first open home. We do however like to keep each valet between 1-1.5% of the asking price of the property.

Is there anything you canít get done?

The Property Valet Company has about 37 trade specialists on call to tackle almost any task. And if itís something out of the ordinary, weíll do our best to find one that can undertake the work.

How long does a valet take?

With our depth of resources we are usually able to start most valets within 7 days of the first meeting with either vendor or agent. We then work within the time frames of the marketing programme.

Whatís the process?

Following an on-site meeting with either agent or vendor we prepare an itemised Task List of all the various items that we are going to address on the property both inside and out. From this, a quote is prepared for acceptance and the work begins.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, but if the quote is not accepted and our task list is, a normal charge of $100.00 is applicable for the time we have spent preparing these items.

Is our quote itemised?

No. We provide a total all inclusive figure that covers all work as itemised in our Task List.

What are your terms of payment?

We require a 50% deposit of the total quote prior to undertaking the valet. The balance of payment is due within 7 days of completion.

Who carries out the work?

The Property Valet Company has over 37 vetted Accredited Contractors who undertake our work. They have been chosen because of their quality and service standards and for their professionalism and value for money.

Can we add to the Task List during the valet process?

Of course! Many clients ask us to do more than was originally envisaged. These are charged extra to the accepted quote.

Can you advise us as to what needs to be done?

Over 6 years ago we started The Property Valet Company, preparing homes for sale. We are able to advise as to whatís important and whatís not, whether you may be over capitalizing or not and practical solutions for imperfections that you may have put up with for years!

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